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Within the game


Miniatures, tiles and Artificial Intelligence.

We created our first board game: a new kind of dungeoncrawler seconded by an artificial intelligence which plays several parts in the story as non-player characters.

The A.I also seconds the gamemaster. It embodies the Erune Spirit, an omniscient entity able to answer any questions about the rules, the characters or the story and which gives advice whenever asked for.

In the tradition of the great Hero Quest.

Players assume the role of their heroes and are allowed to improvise and build their own adventure within the rules. Their choices will shape their path towards victory or defeat.


Erune is a hybrid game combining role-playing with dungeon crawl.


ERUNE: gameplay & universe

ERUNE is a hybrid game based on dungeon crawlers and classic RPGs. The game provides a classic gameplay : dungeons to explore in a rich universe made of magic, mythical creatures and legends. Erune adds a roleplaying dimension to this classic gameplay thanks to character sheets and evolving heroes.

Players have to team up in order to face the vilain and the Game Master. They can roleplay their character and can decide of the destiny and personality of the hero they chose.

The world of Erune is a tribute to classics from the heroic fantasy universe such as The Lord of the Rings, The Elder Scrolls, Dungeon & DragonsAbove all, ERUNE is a declaration of love to the first dungeon crawlers from the 80’s such as HeroQuest and The Dark Eye.


Venture into Erune, an ancient land which has risen from the ashes of magic. Centuries after the fall of a magic order, all sorcerers have been forced to practice magic under the control of a strict Academy. In this world, legends have been banned, Dwarves, Elves and Men have rewritten history. But the past can’t be silenced forever. A mighty and doomed entity is rising again seeking revenge on those who have enchained magic. Four heroes are about to discover what truly lies beneath the surface and fight an everlasting war for the sake of Erune. Unless they choose to join the dark forces in their merciless quest…

« The spirit of erune » the talking app

We created our Artificial Intelligence (A.I) called The Spirit of Erune to provide the players with a whole new gaming experience. The Spirit of Erune will be a guide to the players, an omniscient entity able to answer all questions about the rules or the story.

In fact, The Spirit of Erune substitute the rulebook. It’s able to cite any rule within a second allowing the players and the Game Master to avoid the trouble of the hundreds of pages of a classic rulebook.

The A.I also embodies all Non Player Characters (NPCs) in the game thus allowing the players to directly communicate with them via the vocal app. all NPCs also adapt their behavior to the decisions of the players which has an impact on the ending of story.

The A.I can also launches random events in order to surprise the players and the Game Master who has to adapt the adventure to these forced events.

The voice is at the very heart of the relationship between the players and The Spirit of Erune. Players ask questions to the Spirit, announce their actions during a tour and speak with NPCs. Those interactions are punctuated with sound effects and background music to develop a true immersion during the game.

« The Spirit of Erune » seconds, surprises, creates a total immersion and preserves gaming and roleplaying sensations by highlighting the action and the exploration.



Voice-games are about to revolutionize the gaming world.

We use the Google Assistant technology in order to put the player at the very heart of the game. No interface needed, the player directly communicates with an A.I which acts as an ally or an enemy.

This dialogue with the A.I thus creates an original and immersive experience.





CEO, Artistic Director

Quentin is an animated short movie director. He also works as a freelance 3D designer for several companies in Normandy.

We are professionals from the 3D animation industry and the video game industry.


Partner, International. Com Director

Marina teaches english and scenario method in a 3D animation school, she also speaks Chinese fluently.



Partner, 3D Sculptures artist

Kevin works as an animator for Sloclap Studio. He worked on the martial art inspired videogame Absolver. He is the creator of all the figures of our board games.


Partner, Manager Project

Adrien is a roleplay enthusiast and one of the founder of our very first board game: Erune. He is a web designer and develop the A.I of Erune.


Partner, Director of Business Dev.

Guillaume comes from entrepreneurship, he is our marketing and communications manager.



Partner, Digital Director

Pierre began his professional career as a web developer for several companies in China and Dubaï before creating his own start-up.