We are Arkada Studio a newly created Studio based in France, Normandie. Our team is made of professionals from the 3D animation industry and the video game industry.

We develop our games in order to provide the players with new gaming experiences.


The voice is at the very heart of our concept. We are planning on creating a deep connection between the players and the game via a vocal app. In fact, the players will be able to directly interact with the game. We have based our concept on the same technology used for voice games thus allowing a true dialogue between the players and the game.

The vocal app is a precious tool in the process of creating a vast universe and surprising adventures. The A.I provides our board games with a roleplaying dimension since it seconds the Game Master, launches random events to trick the players and play the part of all NPCs the players will encounter.

Our games are thus a combination of traditional board games and modern technology: tiles, miniatures, and dice meet a vocal technology.

This new gameplay allows hundreds of possibilities in terms of creation of various universes such as Science-fiction, Thriller, Horror….