Erune is a dungeon crawler in which you can choose to roleplay one of the four heroes meant to save the sacred world of Erune. Through tunnels and underground crypts, you will find treasures and fight devilish enemies.

If you ran away from orcs, skeletons and faced the sorcerer of chaos in Heroquest, then you might be the one Erune needs. If you roamed the dungeons of Tristam in search of a better gear and fight Diablo, then you might be the player Erune needs.

Erune is a modern tribute to all those classics from the ’90s, but it doesn’t forget to forge its own identity. In fact, Erune is equipped with an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) that will second the Game Master and provide the game with a whole new interactive dimension.


No more huge rulebooks, get rid of hundreds of pages to get familiar with the specificities of the game. The spirit of Erune has been developed to answer all your questions, thus allowing you to enjoy the adventure. The spirit of Erune will be a free app to download on your phone or computer.

You want to know about the major Health potion effects ? Ask The Spirit. You forgot how to use your « heroic strike » capacity? Ask the Spirit! How many HP does this huge Orc have? Well, you should know what to do now.

The Spirit of Erune can do so much more than just explaining the rules. The A.I allows a true and direct interaction between the players and the NPCs they might encounter. What will the prisoner in the dungeon reveal? Should you free him?

The A.I also takes all interactions in account in order to adapt the story, thus providing a role-playing dimension based on the first RPGs.


The heroes can take action and/or move at each turn. Depending on their gear and capacities, they roll the dice to get a maximum of skulls and shields to defeat their enemies. Step by step, they will also gather stamina that will allow them to unlock new capacities.

You can choose the hero that best matches your values and/or gaming style. Will you be a dwarf from an ancient and wise tribe? Or a stealthy elf archer? A  fierce warrior maybe? Unless your lust for magic leads you to the mighty Sorcerer.

All heroes should team up and use this alliance to avert the ordeals to come. 

Roleplaying is an essential part of Erune’s gameplay. Your acting, as well as the characterization of your hero, will be at the very heart of the adventure. You are free to shape your character the way it pleases you. It’s up to you to make him or her a happy buddy, a mysterious lad or a grumpy pal. They can have unknown origins stories or you can make up their whole life and provide them with interesting back stories!

In one word: be the hero you always wanted to play!

The GM basically split his power with the A.I and can now enjoy being a player. Freed from all logistic obligations, the GM can focus on the scenario and the players' roleplay. He also plays all enemies the heroes will have to fight. He is still an essential element in the game since he is the master of the story and manages all fights ; but he also has to adapt his story to the random events the A.I launches at the end of each turn.


Venture into Erune, an ancient land which has risen from the ashes of magic. Centuries after the fall of a magic order, all sorcerers have been forced to practice magic under the control of a strict Academy. In this world, legends have been banned, Dwarves, Elves and Men have rewritten history. But the past can’t be silenced forever. A mighty and doomed entity is rising again seeking revenge on those who have enchained magic. Four heroes are about to discover what truly lies beneath the surface and fight an everlasting war for the sake of Erune.